(wrong) error msg after .m4v export

I tried to export a project in Apple TV3 format. At the very end a message window opens that the generated file is corrupted and you should put in the trash.
After repeating same procedure with iPhone export and same error message I tried to open the corrupted file and there was no problem to view it with Quicktime player

I forgot:
OSX 10.9.1 and FM 4.4.1

Is it possible to upload the video (or a small example video) somewhere so we can take a look?

Bastian, you mean generated .m4v or input file?

I have just had this same issue. I get the same “corrupt” file message after the .m4v file is “finished” when using the share with Apple TV option. What is the solution?

We currently try to find out why this happens. Can you please download this helper http://d.pr/f/5jOB and select the corrupt movie for repair. Please let me know if that works for you. At the moment we weren’t able to reproduce this issue here.

I had the same problem and found that it was due to the Mac OS X security settings. If your security settings are set to allow apps from ‘Mac Apps Store’ or ‘Mac Apps Store and identified developers’ then OS X regards .m4v files as imported from outside and refuses to send them to iTunes with the damaged file message coming up. If you reset your security setting to ‘Anywhere’ the problem doesn’t happen and the file is sent to iTunes without the error message. You can reset your security back to a more secure setting later (security settings are found in System Preferences, Security and Privacy under the ‘General’ tab. You will need to click the lock in the bottom left of the dialogue box and type in your admin password to be able to change the settings). The problem is caused because export to Apple TV used to send files as .mov which are regarded as ‘friendly’ by OS X. The most recent version of Fotomagico sends the files as .m4v which are regarded as suspicious by OS X. I don’t think the Boinx will be able to alter Fotomagico to get around this problem but they should make their customers aware of it.

I have had the same “corrupt file” message after exporting 3 separate slideshows to iPhone. However, despite the message, all of them play as normal in Quicktime on the iMac and on the iPhone. The message is misleading but the export is good.