Working with video

Anyone else found how tedious it is working with video? Simply attaching and syncing an audio file to a video is not at all easy as the video file is locked and not broken up into individual frames. This means the video starts from the beginning every time when reviewing - not really useable. Am I missing something? Apart from the fact that the end result would not export to Apple TV (it kept crashing) I had to resort to importing video into iMovie. The job was done very quickly and easily and made me realise how FotoMagico is not really structured for video handling. Unfortunately for iMovie it did not retain the original movie quality which was a big letdown - probably due to the conversion iMovie needed.

Can you please let me know what you are trying to achieve so I can suggest the best way to go in FotoMagico.

About the crashing Export: What version of FotoMagico were you using?

I am simply placing a video file and adding a new soundtrack. That’s it! It all plays fine and in sync until the time comes to export to Apple TV.

I am running v4.6.1 - its the latest version on the app store. My OS is Mountain Lion 10.8.5. I have reported this technical issue and are still awaiting a resolution and have forwarded numerous crash reports. Even completely trashing FM and its associated files and re-installing from the app store FM still quits when exporting to Apple TV.

Problem solved.
Upgraded to OS X 10.10.4 (Yosemite) and was able to export to Apple TV without problems. Well ok, a small problem remained but disappeared when the original video file was imported into Handbrake and exported as an Apple TV3 compatible file. I then replaced the original embedded file within FotoMagico. Working with video though is still tedious and is not recommended if you intend extensive edits on those video files.