Working with Movies in FotoMagico

Hi Guys,

Can someone please confirm if Fotomagico is extremely buggy when working with movies?

I’m trying to insert very small movies into the timeline and it keeps taking 5-10 seconds to give playback. Every few times it will crash altogether and I will lose my work.

Is this normal?

Is it my system, or is there something I can do to my system to make it more robust? I run a Mac Pro late 2013 64Gb 2.7Hx, with Yosemite all updates and stuff installed.

Love the software, but it just seems to be incredibly fragile?


Hi Phil,

Sorry to hear that. I haven’t experienced that so far. FotoMagico relies on OS X video decoding so it might be related to the type of video. Can you share details what video type and codec it is or maybe share one of the video files you have issues with?