Working with Masks

Hi All,

Great Software. However, working with masks could be a little easier imho. ;:wink:
Here are some thoughts:

  1. Masks Templates. Would be great to have some Standard Masks Templates. Like 2 quarter rectangles left, one half rectangle right. And others. Would be even better, if we could save our own mask templates :wink:

  2. Sync button(s). Between the ‘Start’ and ‘Finish’ window. Hitting the Masks-Synch would, well, synch the masks geometrie from the ‘Start’ to the ‘Finish’ window. A ‘Content-Synch’ would do the same for the photos/videos. I find myself ‘creating’ a nice masks-setup and then I have to click each mask and each photo to ‘copy geometrie’, ‘select counterpart layer’ and ‘past geometrie’… with f.e. 4 masks thats 12 times opening the menu and find the right menu point, whcih brings me to…

  3. please give the menu points for copying and pasting the geometrie and animation as well as the ‘select counterpart layer’ some (short) short-codes. So we could perform those tasks with some easy ‘command-something’ keystrokes.

Well, that were my 5 cents to masks :wink: Thanks for reading.