Won't install new Version

Hi everyone.

I’m trying to download and install the new 2.6b1

But on load always seem to told the Beta version has expired. Whereas it’s the most up to date Beta you have available.

Is there anything i can do to stop this happening?



Having this same issue. Also tried to downgrade to 2.5 but my main document won’t open. mimoLive crashes when I try to open my main doc in 2.5, I suspect this because it has some features from 2.6b1 in it. Can we please get a non-expired beta release back? I would rather not have to go digging through backups of my mimoLive docs to get my stream running again.

Sorry for the trouble!

Whenever we set the beta expire date in mimoLive we think “pah, two month should be far enough” but then time passes by so quickly. We released a new beta today!

However, we recommend not to use any beta software in a production setup!

thank you