Without words :-(


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Still unable to update to FM5.0b32 by because of update error. Where is the direct download URL?

URL https://boinx.com/fotomagico/beta is a dead link

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I just entered “boinx.com/fotomagico/beta” into my Safari browser and it came up fine. I see your post timed at 1:49PM. It’s now 6:12PM (California time). Maybe it wasn’t working then? The URL link you listed in your post says one thing, but the actual link in the attached image shows something else.

One unfortunate thing is that Bastian said there’d be an updated version by this weekend, but the version that’s still there is 5.0b32. It IS only Saturday, though…maybe tomorrow?? I hope, I hope, I hope :-/

Sorry, you have to click on download button and following link
is dead

Okay, oops – yeah, now I get it. Yes, you’re right, the “Download Now” link no longer works. So, maybe they ARE planning to upload a new version “real soon now!” Although I would think it’s something that takes only seconds to change if they already had the replacement ready to upload…