WISH: Customizable keystroke visualization: fade in/out speed, box width and position

It would be truly fantastic if I were allowed to customize:

  1. The fade in/out speed of the keystroke visualization box. The rationale is that when visualization of all keystrokes is on, the constant fading in and out is a bit distracting, and I’d prefer to have the box appear without a delay. So a slider with the ability to set it to 0 would be great. Also, when using a GIF screen recorder (Recordit, Licecap), the soft fade effect inflates the size of the GIF immensely. A hard fade in/out would dramatically reduce the size of the resulting animated GIF.

  2. The width and the position of the keystroke visualization box. When doing screen recordings, I often want to record a smaller portion of the screen, and it would be great if I could move the box into a custom position. Also, I rarely want the box to take the entire screen width (it’s a bit distracting). I’d much rather prefer to set the box to some custom pixel width, e.g. 400 pixels.

If need be, I’ll be happy for it to be a “hidden option”, with no explicit UI. Editing the preferences .plist would be just fine :slight_smile:

Mouseposé is a fantastic tool. The Visualize app ( https://www.lisburntech.com/apps/visualize/ ) offers the ability to customize the size and position of the keystroke visualization box, but it’s way inferior to Mouseposé in many other aspects.

Thanks for your suggestions!

I have just realized that I’ve missed an additional simple feature request/extension. The Araelium Screenflick app ( http://www.araelium.com/screenflick ) has an absolutely wonderful feature that allows me to display the keyboard modifiers (connected with mouse actions) next to the mouse cursor rather than in a fixed position. It’s enormously effective, see for yourself: https://youtu.be/u_rSk5Kb0BI

In fact, I’d like such a “mode” to exist for ALL displayed keystrokes. Basically, instead of designating a fixed location with some huge keystroke modifier display, I’d like to be able to define a small area (ideally with a customizable x/y distance from the mouse pointer) that would display the keystroke callouts always near the mouse pointer. Because in reality, the viewers always follow the mouse pointer with their eyes, so having a secondary fixed position where the keystroke callouts are shown will always be distracting.

The ideal keystroke display would work so that if a keystroke is tapped short, then it is shown for a customizable time (say 0.5 seconds) but if the keystroke is held for longer, then it is shown for the duration of the keystroke, and then goes away immediately. Please also allow disabling the fade in/out effects (they eat up bandwidth enormously if my ultimate goal is to export short clips to animated GIFs).

Please consider this another vote for this feature. I am recording GIF screenshot clips using RecordIt, and don’t want to have to record the entire screen. My clips would be much improved if I could size and position the keystroke visualization.

Also, having the keystroke visualizations appear next to the cursor would be even better.

Thank you!