Will my license for Fotomagico 4 still work?

Hello. I am posting in these forums because I can’t figure out how to contact Boinx directly. I own Fotomagico 4. I’m unfortunately having problems with my Mac unrelated to Fotomagico and so I’ve decided to reset my Mac to its factory settings and then manually re-add my third party apps. I will copy the Fotomagico 4 application from a backup to my pristine Mac’s hard drive, but I will need to enter in the license number again. So I’m wondering: will Fotomagico 4 recognize the license? That is, does Boinx still verify licenses for Fotomagico 4? Please let me know.



The FotoMagico 4 license will continue to work with FotoMagico 4. If FotoMagico 4 still works, depends on the Mac OS version.