Why are the videos jerky? Apple M1 13"

Hi there,

I am using Fotomagico since more than 5 years for my professional “on stage” presentations. Right now I am working on a new show with more than 600 pictures and some videos.

The whole presentation etc. works just fine. The slideshow format is 1920x1200 (WUXGA Epson Beamer). All the pictures and transitions work very smooth. But with both versions Fotomagico 5 and Fotomagico 6 videos tend to stutter. Video has the same format at 30fps - I tried both - m4v and mp4.

I am on a Macbook 2020 13" with M1 at 8GB…

Does anyone has a suggestion? Next week I am going to present in front of 200 people and would be nice to have my drone footage running smooth as well. I actually thought an update will solve the problem. But doesn’t look like it…


No idea anyone? ;-(

I am still struggling with this problem… The video vile is 300mb big… That to much already?


Hi @MagicLeo I‘m sorry to hear about the issues. Can you please send me the slideshow document via WeTransfer or similar so we can take a look? The problem is usually with the decoding caused by unusual or suboptimal compression settings.

Hi Oliver

well - the whole show ist like 3GB… But I can just place the video in a short version…
Where do I sent it to?