Which devices can participate in mimoCall?

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           <p>mimoCall uses the latest web technology and requires a modern browser. We currently support these platforms:  - macOS/Windows/Linux with a recent version of Google Chrome - iOS with the mimoLive Reporter app installed (coming soon, <a href="http://www.boinx.com/survey/mimocallbeta/">request access to beta</a>) - Android with a recent version of Google Chrome  Despite the name, "Chrome Mobile" on Apple iOS uses the Safari mobile web engine and is currently not supported.</p>
           <p><a href="https://boinx.com/connect/mimolive/knowledge/mimocall/WS100531">Read the full story here</a></p>
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It is a pity that to date, we can only do mimocall on mobile. This would be so much easier to do since safari or mobile chrome in the same way that it works on PC / Mac / Linux.

I have interviews to carry out with people who will only have their phone to deliver sound and video and to this day I am not in the availability to do so. Is there another solution for this?


@Digiping It is possible to do video calls into mimoLive using Skype. It is not as elegant as the solution provided by the amazing Boinx team, but if you are motivated to configure it, it will work. You could be taking video calls from mobile phones today.

The solutions provided by Boinx both work very well. Your callers who are on an iPhone can use the currently beta mimoCall app, after being granted approval to do so. Your callers who are connecting through their computer and webcam and do so by using a chrome browser. We use both and are enormously satisfied.

When the mimoCall app emerges from beta, it will be even more amazing. My understanding is that the Boinx team is evaluating server stress in providing such a feature, as there is cost to provide that for us. Kudos to them in identifying and responding to feature requests such as this.


Thank you for your answer @alternativeplan I am well aware of the work done by Team boinx and MimoLive. I thank them profoundly. This software is the best I could test here and there is little doubt that I will go buy a license pro as soon as I have completed all my tests. Yes I understand the problem quite well and Skype is a little elegant solution compared to Mimocall which is fantastic. I have requested access to the beta version of mimoCall app and I await approval. I hope to be able to test this application very soon.

Thanks again for your reply and see you soon.
Vive MimoLive :slight_smile:


How can I setup Mimo call?

@“Yahaya Talata Sheriff” Thank you for your interest in mimoCall. A video tutorial and more information on how to set it up is available in the documentation: https://docs.mimo.live/docs/mimocall

mimocall on the reporter app doesn’t work on a 4g cellular connection??