Where can I set initial duration when I'm making a slideshow?


So I’m creating slideshows with photos and I noticed the duration is always set to 5 seconds. I was using fotomagico 5 and when I usually set a specific duration when Im making a slideshow for example to 2.4 secs, this setting would be saved and followed by the next photos I add.

Where can I control this?

The way you’re asking your question it sounds like you WERE using FM 5, but NOW you’re using FM 6 – is that correct? What’s strange is that I opened a new document in FM 6 and when I added some images to the timeline, they all defaulted to 5 seconds, as you mentioned. As an FYI, there IS NO placed in settings or prefs where you can set a specific duration, in neither FM 5 or FM 6. Anyway, I set the duration to 2 seconds for a slide, then imported an image after that and it defaulted again to 5 seconds. So then I went back to FM 5 and tried the same thing – and when I set a duration for a specific slide and then added slides AFTER that one, they picked up the duration of the previous slide. So then I went BACK into FM 6 and tried it again, and surprise, it worked exactly as FM 5 (even though it didn’t before) – setting a duration for a slide carried to the next slides that were added.

You might also want to click on the duration not in the Slide options panel on the right, but actually click on the duration at the bottom of the slide in the Timeline and adjust it there. Then try importing new slides after that one and see if they take on the new duration.

Obviously another alternate method of adjusting the slide durations is to just select ALL the slides you want to adjust at once, and then change the duration.

you are right i used FM5 but i upgraded to a m1 so i had to get FM6. i tried what you told in your post. sometimes it works but its not consistent. i wish there was a option to set default duration when adding a photo.