When opening a pre-existing slide show in 5.0b34, font sizes are not correct...

Under FM 5.0b34 and El Capitan, when I open SOME pre-existing slide shows, the font family for titles seems to carry over correctly, but their size is completely wrong. Usually very, very, very small. Some slideshows work perfectly. Others require going through the entire slide show and re-adjusting every title by hand (I’m not currently doing that, but if I need to present the slide show again, I’d have to make SURE things look correct before the presentation).

Forum title should now reflect 5.0b36, the latest release – still has the problem.

When looking at a slide with a good import within a presentation, I see the title in its original size and placement, and in the Title option section on the right I can see the original font size showing correctly numerically, along with one “tab” on the size line.

When looking at a slide with a BAD import, the title is NOT in its original size, but scaled down significantly. Its placement is questionable, but appears to be in roughly the same spot horizontally, although the title box is shrunk in height to reflect the smaller font scale. In the Title option to the right, there are MULTIPLE “tabs” along the size line (I can count FIVE individual tabs one next to another), with the smallest size showing numerically to the right. All of my titles use ONE font size throughout the presentation (i.e., there is no font size differential within the same title – if it’s 64 points, ALL of it is 64 points).

There is definitely a bug here :frowning: