When I tried to "capture screen" I get error saying macOS will not allow

When I open system Prefs > Privacy > Screen Recording there is no request from mimoLIve to approve. I had this working on another mac but installing a clean install on a new mac Mini and it wont show the request. What can I do?

Hello @Alastair1. Thank you for using mimoLive and for reaching out. We are sorry to hear that the screen capture feature doesn’t work properly.

I have tried to reproduce the issue on macBook Pros running macOS Catalina versions, without success so far.

  1. What version of macOS is your mac Mini running on?
  2. Could you take a look under Prefs > Privacy > Camera if mimoLive is listed under it?
  3. Which version of mimoLive were you using on your mac Mini?

Best Regards, Mladen

I am having the same issue…Mojave 10.14.6…MimoLive 5.8(28911). I need to use a custom screen capture as a virtual camera and I have to force quit just to get rid of the error message

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Yes, the permission system in macOS is a pain in this regard. Can you please try to remove the Screen Capture source and re-add it?

I did! Deleted the source and then reloaded and was able to give permission.

NOTE - I updated to a MacBook Pro with Catalina 10.15.7 then did the above action.

Thanks Oliver!

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Thanks for letting us know that it worked.