What Software for Annoying-Orange style superimposed recording.

Hi, I’m looking for software to create a video consisting of static images with video recordings put in front, coming from a camera and only partially visible (Alpha Mask). Think of the “Annoying Orange” videos, with just the mouth shown from the front video, and soft transitions. Can this be done with Boinx TV or another Boinx Software Application? Can I play a background video and superimpose a live recording at the same time?

Thank you!

Alternatively I could use a program that allows me to overlay a partially transparent graphic on the preview screen but doesn’t actually fuse that graphic with the captured material when exporting. Can this be done in BoinxTV? For example could I show guide lines that help me position when recording but don’t show up in the exported video? Thank you!

If you use a static image, you can use the alpha channel of this one and put the image on top of the video. Unfortunately BoinxTV currently has no layer that provides alpha channeling a video source by a mask. If you familiar with QuartzCompose by Apple you can certainly expand the capabilities of existing layers (or create your own new ones) to create the effect you need.

the Live-Output window is always the result whats being recorded to disk. Removable overlays aren’t possible here. However on the layer preview side you can have those overlays in your custom if this is helpful for your application. Some layers already provide some guid lines here.