What is wrong with this company???

We highly do not recommend this company to anyone!
There product support is far beyond lacking!
They do not stand behind their products at all.
Not to mention they give a 1 866 number for none USA members that cost money to call and never answer.
How frustrating is this?
Too much!
For the $100 your best to save it and do it yourself in Motion.

Suck Suck Suck Ass!!!

Yes they certainly do suck Ass!!!
They don’t even have a back-up connection for help, such as email!!!
Weird place to be when a company like this is left to the bottom.
Even Roxio tops this!

Please take my apologize for any inconvenience you may be face with when trying to contact our support team.

I looked up your support tickets and found that our support agent where serving another customer at that time you called our support hotline at +1 855 264 6979 (is was 4 am in Europe) and was able to reply to your calls and emails sent to "support@boinx.com" very quickly after all. (e.g. we were able to find your purchase five years ago and connect it to your current email address as you requested).

Since we are a fairly small company we are very proud that we are able to have a 24-7-support hotline that is available for free for 90% of our customers.

However, currently there aren’t any open issues associated with your email address in our support system. Do you have any other comments or questions?