Weird AudioOutput w/ BMD Ultra Studio Monitor

hey guys,

what’s up.
I have been using MiMo Live for several years for our corporate communication now. Lately - after reconstruction of our Studio i am having a weird problem with my PGM Out.

I am outputting the Programm Mix (Audio+Video) to an “Blackmagic Design Ultra Studio Mini Monitor”. From there an SDI Cable delivers the Signals to an BMD Videohub 20x20, from there it goes to and BMD Webpresenter.

Works just fine. My only problem ist with the Audio.
When I am using the Main Video Output Modul and select the “program mix” audio to be sent along the SDI connection all I get is a constant digital static on the receiving end. Even if I connect a receiving Device directly behind the BMD USM Monitor the problem still occurs.

Having multiple of the BMD USM Monitor devices I switched trough several of the - problem is still present.The problem is also present on the HDMI port.

The odd part is:
If I turn of the audio completely in the “Video Output”-Modul and generate a “New Aux Audio” output - Select the BMD USM Monitor as device and send the “Programm Mix” trough that output - it works perfectly fine…crips, clean audio…

had anyone have this kind of problem before?
I mean technically the workarround works just fine - but I still think its odd…

thanks for any insides :wink:

Yes, that sounds strange. I never had troubles in this kind. Sometimes it was vice versa. A drift on a mix, for e.g. RTMP, but this drift was caused by YouTube’s post processing.