Web browser shows page background as black instead of white

I have found that some websites with white backgrounds appear in the mimoLive browser as black; in the preview window I see the patterned background that lets you know it’s a transparent area like the site has a transparent background. For an example, this is the website that I encountered this with today – click. Is this a bug with mimoLive’s Web Browser source?



Hi again, Ben!

I have been through similar issues with the Web Browser source and ended up sticking to the Window Capture source every time I need to show web content.

However, an easy way to fix your issue is to create a Background layer (select “Appearance” → “Type:” → “Constant Color” and choose white as your color. Then you place this layer right below the Web Browser layer and assign the same keyboard shortcut to both.

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Thanks! In the meantime…I have come up with another workaround - I created a dummy 1280x720 white jpeg and brought it in as a source, added the chroma key basic filter to the web browser source and used the white jpeg as the mask. Same idea as what you suggest, but it only means one layer.


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Yours has one less layer, and mine has one less source… :joy: Cheers!