Web Browser Capture, animation not showing

Using the web browser to capture a web page display of social media I do not see any of the social built in transitions.

If I use window or screen capture the transitions are present but I loose the alpha channel.

Also when a news crawl is generated on the platform I can only see the background and not the moving txt.

The platform generating the socials is bee-on by never-no. (not my choice)

Any help appreciated.


The answer I received from never-no

MimoLive is based on “Webkit”, which is the Safari browser implementation. Our graphics have been developed on “Chromium” instead. This is why they’re having the issue. Perhaps a future MimoLive will implement Chromium instead and we can certainly ask them about that.

@winnie Thanks for sharing your findings. The information makes sense. If they develop for the Chromium engine, it is possible that the graphics don’t work with the Web Browser Capture source.

We have considered adding Chromium to mimoLive, but it more than doubles the current app size, which means it is a big resource hog. Also, Chromium is very alien to how Mac apps work under the hood, so it will be difficult to implement it. We do have this on our list for next year.

Hey there @Oliver_Boinx, is this still on the list for next (now, this) year? This is one half of the issue I’ve posted about here Web browser source doesn't honor Retina display or Chrome CSS; can't make window large enough or see CSS animations — thanks.