We used 2.0b2 for our live event it mainly went ok, some issues

The streaming went very smooth!
much easier than cam twist with FMLE!!
Quality was as we wanted!
sync was perfect!

1)We did find out that the enable play trough did not work,
we use it to stream the audio only to a different stream.
so tried some settings of the playtrough, but this muted the audio of the main stream.
I think this is a real bug, play trough should never interfere with the main audio.

2)The button right from the centre right near the display of the timer, did start the timer but did not start the recording. is this intended to work like that?
the record button more to the right did work as expected.

  1. we had to force quit the app once because it freeced up on us.
    restart and all ok again.
    However the recording of the freeze did not play in Turbo264 we use to send to Vimeo.
    first opened it in Elements, save as, and than opened in Turbo264.
    The freeze was our own fault, we pressed to many times a certain key (shortcut)

It would be great to see what the actual bitrate is when streaming, there is a maximum allowed, but we do not see what we actual use.