Wary of Version 2.9.2 and Blackmagic

Since upgrading to Version 2.9.2 we’ve lost audio sync with a Blackmagic input (ATEM to Shuttle to Mac via Firewire) when recording. Thinking it was another issue we restarted all the equipment, started a new Mimo project, lowered the resolution, tried different save formats. Still out of sync. Tried another machine - still out of sync.

HOWEVER we then tested this on a rival (yet inferior, naturally :)) programme the issues weren’t present.

Now… we only upgraded yesterday. So we downloaded and installed previous Version 2.9.1 - and it works fine again.

I notice one of the release notes mentions Blackmagic Output specifically (obviously this is input).

Are we the only one seeing this?

Thunderbolt even - not firewire :confused: Stressful day.

@MrAndrewMcLean Sorry to hear about the troubles. Is the sound also coming in via Blackmagic or is that a different interface?

Thunderbolt connection Via Blackmagic Ultrastudio Express. It’s only on 2.9.2. We’ve never seen it before and it’s definitely not happening now on 2.9.1.

Worth mentioning - I also noticed an increase in CPU hog.

Thanks for the feedback. Can you send us the document that experiences this problem? Please contact support@boinx.com


  1. Audio: Please can you test the version 2.9.2 with the AV Sync Meter layer? I want to know if the delay is in the recording only or if it happens earlier in the process. (see http://docs.mimo.live/docs/audio-sync-meter for details on how to use it).

  2. CPU performance: Please can you quantify how much more CPU the version 2.9.2 will use compared to 2.9.1? Also can you make a “Process Sample” with the “Activity Monitor” of the mimoLive app in both cases running your document and send it to me directly?

Yeah, no problem mate. We’re filming non-stop for the next two days so I’ll update again on Thursday to 2.9.2 and test as suggested.

I am also seeing audio sync issues with 2.9.2. And SDI playout with an UltraStudio Mini Monitor starts out OK, but degrades after a few minutes to only a few frames per second. No dropped frames are recorded in mimoLive however.

Audio input is via SDI, through a Magewell SDI to USB device.

We have seen video lag issues with Mimo and our Hyperdeck Studio Mini which is being fed video out of our Mac Pro (12 core, 64bg ram) through the BlackMagic Mini Monitor. It appears we are having the same problem as Jason Jenkins

I am having this problem too. MASSIVE frame and audio lag on SDI playout. Both on my standard tvshow and on a blank one that has just a single placer. I have uploaded a video demonstrating this.


Just a note from that video: when you hear the music start, there is a full screen animation that is playing on the laptop for the full duration of the music clip. Yet you only see the first frame of video as the music stops, almost 10s later.

I tried downgrading to 2.9.2b2 but had the same issue.

Extra info: after experiencing the issue I upgraded both desktop video to 10.9.5 and ATEM software to 7.2 and this did not change anything.

I have now downgraded to 2.9.1 and the problem is gone again. Thank god, only 1 live show ruined. The lesson I have learned is not to trust ML updates and do extensive testing before going live after an upgrade. How could you let this version out of the development phase?

Almost 10 days since this issue was identified. Is there a fix? I note 2.9.3 has been released but the version notes don’t say anything about this issue.

We’re testing the update today in our studio so I’ll let you all know.

Tested, works fine now.

Tested, works fine now.
Thanks for letting us know!

We fixed again some things regarding Blackmagic Design playout in 3.0 beta 1 released today. I would be happy if you can test this new version and give feedback if the playout works again correctly. TIA!

Download it from here: https://boinx.com/connect/mimolive/versionhistory/3.0b1

Any progress on making the ability to do SDI playout without issues part of a stable release or do we have to move on to a beta version? I’m still on 2.9.1 waiting for this issue to be sorted.

Any progress on making the ability to do SDI playout without issues part of a stable release or do we have to move on to a beta version? I’m still on 2.9.1 waiting for this issue to be sorted.
Have you tried 2.9.3? https://boinx.com/connect/mimolive/versionhistory/2.9.3

@chrisis The 3.0b1 is pretty stable so far. The “beta” is only concerning the NDI portion which will not affect SDI playout, especially if you do not use NDI.

The SDI story is as follows: With 2.9.1, Blackmagic had told us that the way we play out over SDI might not be the best way to do it. So we changed the way we deliver frames to the Blackmagic hardware in 2.9.2. It turned out that that was not a good choice, so we reverted back to the previous method which worked fine before with 3.0b1.

Jason, it’s all good now with 2.9.3 onwards.