Warning: Too long charging time (Audio)

I have a regular problem in FM that I can’t get solved.
Now after the latest update to 6.3.2 the message for some audio files again
Warning: Too long charging time
Loading the media file during playback took too long. The correct timing of the slide show could not be maintained.
You can replace the audio file with another recoded version with a different audio codec.

I just don’t understand what happened here.
Can someone solve the problem here?
I’m attaching some screenshots of the problem here.

Many greetings

Bildschirmfoto 2022-12-31 um 12.28.55

I found the mistake. It was due to the audios in mp3 format. They had a tremendous loading time. I converted these to aiff format and the problem was gone. There were also no problems with the m4a formats.
Does that mean not to use mp3 formats in fc?


I don’t have s subscription at present so cannot confirm, but my recollection is that I too had issues with MP3s.

Just as an FYI, my latest slideshow creation used 14 different music tracks and ALL of them are .mp3 – I didn’t have any problems with any of them.

The defective mp3s are audios that were edited into loops in garageband and then saved as mp3s and used in fc

So going into a third-party app and then coming out (which in this case would be necessary since FM doesn’t have it’s own audio track editor), could very well be the cause of the problem, even though the file IS designated as an .mp3.

You could try WavePad Audio Editor (which I believe has a free version for non-commercial use and found in the App Store). It has a mixed review – some people love it, some people hate it (typical for almost every product review found on the internet). But it might solve your problem and it’s worth a try.

I converted the files to aiff and that eliminated the problem

If the .aiff format is working for you, then that’s good – the difference between .aiff and .mp3, of course, is that the .aiff format takes up more space than the .mp3 file, which could cause a loading problem when trying to keep up with the slideshow, although odds are you won’t experience that. The .aiff format does sound “better” (but that’s a relative term), and probably no one will notice any difference in a slideshow, anyway. At least you got it to work :wink: