Visibility & Opacity

How in the HECK do you adjust VISIBILITY to change the OPACITY over the animation! There is NO INFORMATION in the FM HELP FILE! I done it accidentally, but cannot figure out how to do it manually! Frustrating!

If you click on the Visibility “box” (between the word “Visibility” and the little option setting wheel to the right), you get a drop-down box that includes Opacity, Start, Fade In, Fade Out, and Finish. You can adjust those values using the slider, or enter numeric values. Or, you can click on the line appearing in the Visibility box and you should get an up/down adjustment arrow where you can raise and lower the line manually.

UNFORTUNATELY, I don’t believe you can adjust the opacity “over the animation” – if that is what I think you’re trying to do. That is, the opacity remains the same over the entire time the image is visible during that slide. You can adjust WHEN the visibility fades in and fades out, and you can adjust the opacity, but that opacity value BETWEEN those moments must remain the same. A bit complicated, huh?

I CAN see doing it with multiple layers and multiple slides, utilizing a “dissolve” transition between slides and adjusting the duration, but not doing it on a single slide.

Or maybe I’m just not seeing what it is you’re trying to do…