Virtual Set Component Layer(s) - FeatureRequest?

I wonder, if some one else would find this interesting also. I work lots with green screen and virtual setups. Most of the time the image looks flat. This isn’t the fault of mimoLive, so I played around with Quartz Composer to have several options to (live) blur out virtual (combined) backgrounds and midgrounds also. Also vignettes, mirroring effects and other features. Compound Image creation V2.0. I know, that live tracking won’t be easy with this kind of machines we use, but are there any features - except of this -you’d need?

I cannot believe that I’m the only one who’d love to see and use effect layers in mimoLive, to have more options to influence the viewer’s sight.

Greetings from Austria,

I’d need:

  • Blur-below (in/out, transition-time/cut, intensity, movements between variants)
  • Vignette (in/out, transition-time/cut, intensity, movements between variants, circle/rectangle, settings for the three parts of it: outer - mid - inner, for each section: color, opacity)
  • Zoom-In-Below (in/out, transition-time/cut, movements between variants, zoom-factor, image-position)


I’d love to see virtual sets. Even better would be if those 3d environments could be build in Apple Motion and “imported” into MimoLive, similar to the way you can create titles, transitions etc for Final Cut Pro X in motion

Boinx has indicted they are moving away from QC as MimoLive’s rendering technology.

Hopefully they retain the use of QC layers somehow.

@Troy , I guess it will come a boinx-made composer, in the style of QC, based on modern techniques. Oliver talked about it in former posts (in connection with 10bit footage).

@Kebbel Interesting. Is there any other software, which is able to import motion files (except Apple apps)?

it’s optimized for none-live-renderings. This could cause heavy performance troubles, similar to QC-non-boinx-filters in mimoLive.

@JoPhi I’m not aware of any software that is able to import motion other than apple software unfortunately, but then I haven’t looked (of course you can always render it in 4444 and then import the footage, but then you lose the 3d space). I have had motion projects render very fast, but agree that performance may be an issue.

This is definitely Pie in the Sky wishing on my part (I do a lot of that! LOL!) – experts like @Achim_Boinx would need to comment if I’m crazy (likely) or on to something smart (wouldn’t that be a nice surprise!)

I don’t think you’re crazy. I’m amazed about! :hugs: Who knows, future is an undefined space, bordered between probability and possibility. I can’t wait for surprises, even when the way is unexcpected.

Motion is not for real time rendering and in most cases it can’t.

That said, it is possible to make Motion files, export them as ProRes 4444 and use them as background for the lower third layer. This opens up a lot of creative possibilities for graphics.

Hey guys it will be really great for Mimolive to be able to incorporate thing like this in the future.

i remember i had to do this kinda thing from scratch.

affect/update multiple layers when ever a score is entered/updated. change colors etc. the closest thing to this is the sport data layer and even that is very limited at what it can do.

I used Mimolive to do our countries election result broadcast and OMG it was such hard slavery work from both my and my IMACs and Macbook pros that alll had to be really working at peak performance to pull it all off. everything Had to be done in Photoshop and After Effects… then hundreds of .Png & Prores 4444.Mov Files.

No way to put the pictures of the candidates in and they would work as the sport data source … no way to put results in and affect multiple Data layers, all data had to be manually done… OOMG I maybe the only person who have used 15 mimolive remotes operated by 30 people connected to a single Mimolive project constantly changing numbers… remotes constantly crashing… OOOOOOOOH MY The headache!!

It was a brilliant production to be honest… but the manual work was hell and i never ever want to go through that again.

Im only saying this to further say i love Mimolive, and what ever you guys can do to make it capable to handle all the jobs out there that will be appreciated.

I’m experimenting with so called 8bit-switching in mimoLive, this brings every switch to the same amount of time (in-sync-automation while aiming 256 switch states). 16bit would be cool, but I cannot handle it by creating mimoScript-Files by hand. I have to write a script- and/or tvShow-File-generator for this.

I also hope for global-, local and variants-variables, and for if($var,"==",$var2)