Video Switcher . . . I need to see all of the cameras at once

I’ve activated the video switcher in layers but am not able to see the video cameras for each input in the video switcher layer. Any advice?
Chris at GrahamRiver dot com

Not much to go on in your problem description so you might need to give us more details. But here are some starters to check:

  1. Have you added your cameras as sources? You need to set up each camera as a source before it can be used in a layer.
  2. Have you added each Camera Source (which you have now defined) to the Switcher Layer? Or do you still have the Placeholder images (A B C D etc) as the sources for each camera in the switcher?

If those don’t set you on the right path can you give us some more details about what you have done/what you see in your switcher?