Video loses synchrony with the audio.

Hello, a good day Since some updates I noticed that when playing a bit long videos, audio and video are losing coordination resulting in the advance audio and lose synchrony, how can I solve this problem?

@“Victor Peralta Quito” I am sorry to hear that. A couple of questions to narrow it down a bit more:

Are you running the latest version of mimoLive?

Does this affect all videos or can you tie the issue to a specific file or video format, length, etc.?

What was the last version of mimoLive where you did not experience the issue?

I have experienced it for a couple of new versions, now I use 4.3. In the following link you can see the problem more specifically: as of minute 1:07:15, it is at that moment where the reproduction of a video clip begins, the same as it is losing synchrony the audio with the video … this I have noticed that it appears in all the videos that last more than 2 or 3 minutes.

I forgot to comment that in version 4.2.1. I did not experience this problem.

@“Victor Peralta Quito” This seems to be a bug in mimoLive. We will take a closer look and try to reproduce it. Thank you for the additional info, it will be very helpful for tracking down the issue.

@“Beni (Boinx)” Ok I will be on the lookout and any additional information that is required will be ready for it. Greetings and thanks.

@“Victor Peralta Quito” We were able to reproduce the issue. A fix will be part of the next beta. Thanks again for reporting!

@“Beni (Boinx)” Hello again, thanks. I’ll be on the lookout.

@“Victor Peralta Quito” The new beta version 4.3.1b2 should fix the issue. Please let us know if it works for you.

@“Beni (Boinx)” Ok I’ll try it and I’ll tell you if it turned out.