Video input choosing wrong frame rate [Bug]

I have a Magewell Capture SDI+ device that is capable of capturing all kind of framerates. With it’s set up utility I’ve limited the options to 30, 50 or 60 fps.

When I connect a 1080p50 video source to the Magewell I see that it is indeed seeing that video signal on it’s input. However, when I add the device as a video source to a mimoLive document that is also set to 50 fps, mimoLive captures the video signal at 60 fps. This causes an unfluent video as there is frame rate conversion.

When I limited the framerate options in the Magewell device to only 50 fps, mimoLive correctly captures the video signal at 50 fps and all is well. My guess it that mimoLive always opts for the highest available framerate supported by the device even though the device also supports the document framerate which would obviously be the better choice here.

This seems like a bug to me.