Video including alpha (after effect rendered Title animation) to Mimolive 2xSDI outputs (fill+key)

I really appreciate MimoLive efficiency. I tried titles with key+fill function (to our pro switcher).
Is it possible to import video files that contains alpha (quicktime animation, or ProRes 4444) and have only this in the program output of MimoLive dual SDI output ? (1 for key, the 2nd for fill)

And what type of template layer do you use for that ?

Thanks for your answers.

Yes, this is possible. Most of the layer a displaying transparent content (sometimes it doesn’t make sense). You should use the “Placer” layer to display the movie. For your convenience you can just drag and Drop your movie source into the layer stack.

For a Key&Fill Playout you will need a Commercial or Broadcasting licenses for mimoLive as well as a hardware by Black Magic (e.g. an ATEM Ultra Studio 4k). In the ATEM you will be able so select the Key and the Fill signal separately for any SDI output. Here is some documentation: