Version b39 And Standalone Players

Hi you all : I still work with Yosemite on Imac.
have been working with FM3 AND 4. After one of the updates in FM4 whenever I created a STANDALONEPLAYER to be broadcasted via APPLE TV. The volume of all the audio was practically gone,unless the vlume of the TV was set to 100 !! Normally it is set to 20- 21 max 23.
I then contacted BOINX in the USA. And they suggested to to the following:“Please, try to reset FotoMagico preferences.
Delete all the files, that have com.boinx.fotomagico… from folder users/YourUserName/Library/Containers/com.boinx.FotoMagico4/Data/Library/Preferences
To get into Library folder open up Finder, click “Go” on the top bar of the screen. Hold option key and Library folder will appear in the drop down menu.
Relaunch FotoMagico.” This helped. BUT NOW VERSION B39 has the same " bug ", the volume of all audio is as good as gone, you start hearing something as from 75 80 and have a normal “sound” on the maximum… I tried the “trick” as described above but it fails to work still no sound at all, meaning when you reach 70 80 one can hear there is some audio and on 100 it is more or less normal.
fact is also when one creates an export for " Apple TV " there is no problem, and also “nice” it does not show the notion: made with boinx beta version But these exports for apple TV consume about 3 times more space then a standalone export. So please if somebody could have a look into this annoyin bug that stops one from exporting to standalone files…

Well just to let you know, in the newest beta version 40 the standalone keeps the original audio volume…