Version b38 and losing files

With all the 5 betas I constantly get an alert when I open up work saying “Recover Lost Work”. I’d say this happens over 50% of the time when opening a FM5 file. The message goes on to say that “FM has quit unexpectedly the last time it was run…” but, in fact, this did not happen. I haven’t lost any work as I recreate a new project file from the recovered project, but it’s definitely an inconvenience and does not lead one to trust FM remembering where files were stored and handling them correctly.

I realize this may be a known bug. It reminds me of the period of time with FM4 when there were lots of missing files and lost files for a period of time.

Hi I am facing the same problem, and furthermore, I just made a new FMS which would not save: I got the message that the place where I wanted to save was not fitted… FM5 was considering that it was not an internal harddrive… it took me some time before I managed to save the FMS as an " untitled fms" then it got saved… ps i am still working on Yosemite…