Version 6.0b8 - problem licence

Hi here,

I use Mimolive 6.ob6 beta. I try to use Version 6.0b8 beta but impossible to enter my licence key.

it’s a key starting with letter C not with " A" like on comment changes.

Is it normal ?

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Hi @Olivier_Kkoweb Thanks for reaching out. We never issued “C” licenses for mimoLive. Can you please contact with information on where you purchased this?

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Thanks for your answer.
I buy it on mimolive for a very long time :slight_smile:
I begin with mimolive 3.0

Hi Oliver, I have the same issue too on Version 6.0b8 (29531).

I have 2 plugins (lower 3rds and ATEM control).
Both licenses start with *A

I need to urgently resolve this as I have an event this Friday. I have written to sales email but still have no response

Please help.
Thank you

@Oliver_Boinx today i realize that the other betas than 6b9 are expired…

Is 6b9 strong than 6b5 how to use it in real life event?

On intel/m1/BigSur, basically; yes
On intel+Monterey+mimoCall, no,
On m1+Monterey+mimoCall, yes
On m1-max+Monterey (12.3 Release Candidate), yes
On m1-max+Monterey (12.2 Release), no
On m1-max+Monterey (12.1/12.0.1/12.0), maybe


That sums it up nicely. It used to be so simple with Apple…