Variable Speeds

Within the same slideshow, can you vary the speed of different sequences? For example, I might want 5 slides to go by at 5 seconds each and then ten slides to go by at a half second each.

If not, is this something that could be worked in After Effects or FCP? Could you create separate Fotomagico slideshows at different speeds within those apps?

Also, does the aperture integration mean that you could get photos out of an aperture library without having aperture. I tried a trial and am now cut off from many photos.


Do a search of your hard drive for aplibrary and in that folder you should see a folder named Masters, your photos should be in there ,

Of course you can, simply select the photos you want to be 5s each, click on the options tab on the right hand side and set the duration. Now select the others and set the new duration. I wouldnt go below 1s though, just to make sure your machine can keep up preloading the images.