Variable results with audio / slide outputs

I am getting variable results from my original file and the shared outputs in terms of sync between slides and music. Duration and transitions timings are numerical hard coded. Why would results in YouTube or even iPad outputs come out different?

Still need help, at a major roadblock and cannot distribute results until I can resolve this issue… Thanks for the help !!!

Hi, are you talking about timing differences between live playback and export? Live playback has to load in the images in real time and if FotoMagico can’t manage this in the (previous) slide duration you set up, FotoMagico will slightly change the timing so that the live presentation don’t get disturbed by a hickup. To prevent this, you could try to scale down your images in advanced to the proper size of the screen or increase the slide duration of the previous slides. While in export FotoMagico sticks to the duration settings because it has every time it needs to load the necessary data.

Actually live timing is fine but different exports have different results and pace of slides to music. I added some marks at key points in my latest version which helps some but still the standalone and YouTube versions are pacing/matching slides to music differently to each other and most importantly live playback which has been programmed as I like.

Can you make your slideshow available to us, so we can have a look inside whats happening? Please send this information to support(at) referring this post. Thank you!

Regarding this post did you look into whats happening and find a solution. I have the same frustrating problem. Thanks

@fotorcazee: Can you make your slideshow available too? Please send a download link to support(at) with a reference to this forum post. Thanks!