V6 Beta 28 has expired

I am unable to use beta 28 as it is telling me the beta has expired

Indeed; and the link doesn’t show any v6 betas. My guess is that v6 is about to be released.

I’m guessing the same thing – or the betas have time constraints built in and it was unexpected that the time between beta releases would be this long.

I hope that the final version will now really come and that the known problems have been eliminated.

And I hope Peter hasn’t stopped working.

since the update to Big Sure Version 11.4 every V6 version shows as beta has expired

Hi same overhere, not possible to work on the beta 28 ! Find it also strange that I don t get any reply anymore to my questions that I have been sending by mail to the “support” team…

In my opinion, this has nothing to do with 11.4! My version is 11.2.2

It’s a shame that no one from BOINX takes a stand.

Hi folks, sorry about the expired beta. There has been a hickup with the Apple notarisation service and we couldn’t notarize a new beta version. This should be fixed now and I’m sure there will be a new beta asap.

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Thanks, Oliver – although, I just saw your post and accordingly it says it was posted 4 hours ago. I just tried to run the 6.0b28 version of FM and it still shows “Beta Has Expired.” That’s not really so bad, if a new beta is going to be released soon :wink:

I have deleted the beta, and if it can’t be opened anyway, how will we know there is a new one?

Normally beta versions have appeared at https://boinx.com/connect/fotomagico/versionhistory/, but none have appeared for FM 6.0bx so far. And you’re correct – if the b28 version won’t run, then the regular method of doing an update won’t work. I’m sure they’ll figure it out and let us know :wink:

Hello! Sorry about the delay. Here is the new beta version 6.0b29 for you to download:

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It works, many thanks!

how hard is it to update website and indicate that a new version 6 is coming soon. vs. nothing and many Beta testers are stuck