Using Spotify or Apple Music

Hi there! I’m wondering if there is any way to use a playlist from Spotify or Apple Music in my stream with MimoLive? Does anyone know if that’s possible? If so, how?

Official Statement: You are not allowed to use Spotify or Apple Music as audio sources for your streams by licenses you agreed on when signed up to those services. There for we highly recommend not to do so.

However, if you have the legal rights to streaming certain audio you can use Loopback by Rogue Amoeba to capture audio from 3rd party apps and route it to mimoLive.

This helps tremendously! Thank you for letting me know!

Actually, Spotify Music or Apple Music cannot be used on other devices without the Spotify app or Apple Music app even if you subscribe to their premium services. If you want to use them on your MimoLive, you need to draw support from additional software. For example, to use Spotify playlists on MimoLive, you have to use a professional tool known as AudFree Spotify Playlist Convert to convert Spotify music to common audio formats and save them to local folder. In this way, you can use Spotify playlist on any device and app without hassle. Of course, if you don’t mind wasting time, you can try Audacity to record music from Spotify or Apple Music to computer.

Please respect Copyrights. Apps like LoopBack or virtual audio drivers like BlackHole can route any audio from an App exclusively into mimoLive. As SoundCard for output. Just choose the virtual driver. But as told: Please respect Copyrights, if it’s your own content, simply use a virtual driver like BlackHole (open source, free of charge). BlackHole: Route Audio Between Apps