Using Spotify or Apple Music

Hi there! I’m wondering if there is any way to use a playlist from Spotify or Apple Music in my stream with MimoLive? Does anyone know if that’s possible? If so, how?

Official Statement: You are not allowed to use Spotify or Apple Music as audio sources for your streams by licenses you agreed on when signed up to those services. There for we highly recommend not to do so.

However, if you have the legal rights to streaming certain audio you can use Loopback by Rogue Amoeba to capture audio from 3rd party apps and route it to mimoLive.

This helps tremendously! Thank you for letting me know!

Spotify and Apple Music are two different streaming music platforms for accessing music resources.both of them have DRM Protection.Maybe you can try to download Spotify Playlists to MP3 by using the Spotify music converter or Apple music converter then add your spotify/apple playlists to MimoLive.