Using PowerPoint as a Chroma Layer

Hi there! I am part of a club at a university where we use PowerPoint to present weather broadcasts. We just got MimoLive, and I was wondering how we can present a PowerPoint presentation while someone talks on-camera in front of it. We found that the desktop capture works best to put in the PowerPoint in as a Chroma Key layer, but when we try to present it, it takes over the entire screen and overrides the Chroma Key. How can we present the PowerPoint while still being able to show someone talking in front of it?

Okay, I believe I figured it out. What I did was set up the slide show where the presentation showed up as a window instead of the full screen.

@ncsuweather Thank you for giving mimoLive a try.

I’m glad to hear you figured it out. If you need any additional information, I’ll be happy to help.