Using Music Packs

I’ve downloaded a few of the music packs. How do I get them into Fotomagico?

I too downloaded some of the music packs and when I double click to open, Fotomagico 5 opens but I can’t find the music packs.

Same problem here, double clicking does not work
Please advise

me too, some problem… How we can solve? Thanks

yep - downloaded music snippets do not load to FM when double clicked

Got mine to load! Tried a number of things but I think what really worked was to have FM closed and right click on the downloaded snippets. It opens FM and they are there just not under the same headings that you downloaded them as. They appear in the snippet groups that came with FM. Hope that helps others. It did for me.

Same problem for me. Something happens when double clicking the downloaded files, but the pack names (Blues - Jazz, Piano Orchestra etc), are no where to be found? So how do you find the music you want?

Glad to see I am not the only one with this problem… Expected to see the music listed in folders by the Pkg name but since the folders are not listed I don’t know if the music loaded or not.
Any answers?

I just looked under each heading and noticed the number of songs increased. I’m new to FM but would like to see boinx fix that. Definitely

Would make things easier.