using ipad2 to run projected slideshow

I am using the 5 day trial for 4.3 (because I only have OSX 10.7.5 and need 10.8 for more recent versions) prepping for a Projector slideshow. Preparing the show on my powermac but can’t lug that around so need to connect the projector to either an iPad or iPhone or maybe one of my ancient MacBooks.

Once I finish the slideshow on my desktop PowerMac how do I get it on to the iPad or iPhone or laptop? I guess I need this same software on those devices so they’ll recognize this slideshow’s app, right? Can I do that by a USB Stick? or what do I do?

Notice many many many too many posts about this application crashing without any posts in those threads helping out. For something that looks too good to be true maybe it is?