Using Facebook Live post

I want to create a Facebook Live post in Facebook and connect to it from MimoLive.

I have two problems:

  • When I add a Live post om a page I can not see it in the list in MimoLive.
  • When I add a post in a group I can see it, but When I tet to connect Facebook starts to received but then say that something sent wrong.

Any solution to this?
I can send directlynfrom MimoLive to both groups and pages When I just start the show from Mimo and not try to use a already created post in Facebook

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Yeah, I’ve been running into similar weirdness with FB live - seems that streaming straight to a page’s FB wall works great, but streaming to an existing event… doesn’t.

Custom RTMP target + the social media data source seems to work well enough, but it’s a shame to not be able to use the API bits the way we’re meant to.