Using and showing HDR formats

I just saw the @Oliver_Boinx presentation about FotoMagico at the Naples MUG meeting, and asked about using the new HDR editing and export capabilities in Lightroom Classic. If FotoMagico could handle the new AVIF (or JPEG-XL) format, and display images with extended dynamic range on devices that support HDR, that would be a strong feature that other slideshow apps do not yet support. Even the Lightroom slideshow module does not yet support HDR, even though the Develop module (and Camera Raw) enable it.

Over the next couple of years, most computer displays and imaging apps will very likely add support for HDR. Adobe has gotten ahead of the game on HDR, and is pushing it strongly. See, for example, Adobe Help on HDR.

Note: The Safari browser does not yet support HDR, even on Macs that otherwise do support it. To see the full effect on a page such as High Dynamic Range Explained, you must use a Chrome browser.

Currently, the newer Apple displays, Mac Mini and Studio, iMacs, MacBook Pros, iPads, and iPhones, as well as some Windows machines, TVs, and other high-end monitors, support HDR. My old 2017 iMac supports 1 stop of HDR in the Lightroom Develop module, and my M1 MacBook Pro supports 4 stops of HDR. Seeing the effect in Lightroom, or in the Chrome browser, on my MacBook Pro is a revelation!

Thank you @jscorbin for this great suggestion. This would be really an awesome feature.

Hi @jscorbin Thanks for joining the forum and bringing this feature request here. We will explore feasibility and add it to a future release if possible.

Could you send me a couple of images in the format you want so I can do some testing/exploring?

This forum does not allow attachments in the AVIF format. I sent a separate email with the attachments.

Another useful resource is from Greg Benz Photography. Use it with the Chrome browser.

To enable HDR in Chrome, copy the following to the Chrome URL bar, and set to Enabled.

I just found out today that the Graphic Converter 12.1 update has added support for HDR, including in their slide show function.

To edit and export HDR images from Lightroom that show correctly in Graphic Converter 12.1, export as AVIF format, with the Rec. 2020 color space, and the HDR option checked. This works well on a recent MacBook Pro running Sonoma 14.3.