Used images are not marked in the media browser

Used images are not marked in the media browser.
This means I can’t check whether I’ve used images multiple times in the slide show.
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I believe this was fixed some time ago (I tried looking thru the change logs but couldn’t determine exactly when). I’m running FM 6.4 and it is currently working for me. Hopefully someone else can help you out. One option that comes to mind is to delete the app and all it’s supporting files (try using AppCleaner) and then do a re-install. There’s probably an easier way, but I just can’t think of one.

Did you maybe find a solution for this?

No, sorry :frowning: I’m sure the guys at Boinx will have an answer.

Only the guys from Boinx don’t report here or don’t read the forum.

That’s not true – they do read the forums and do respond back. Not every single time – it depends on the issues and the resolution of the problem. If you send a message directly to Oliver, I’m almost positive he will answer you. Sometimes it just takes a while.

Thanks Stantastic for the tip. But how can I contact Oliver Boinx?

Try this link


Thanks statistics for your Answers