Use HD part of 4k input

Is or will there be an option to use 4k video in (for example with NDI) and then use a HD part of it and pan-tilt-zoom in it?


@hpopp The “Follow” Layer lets you do something like this, including automatic face tracking.

Hi Oliver, wow, haven’t seen this before. This is great.
Another way could be to have the 4k input and define different regions in the different Placers. Think of a typical press conference. I just tested it but I’m not sure if the placer scales his source first down to the project settings and then scale it up again when I crop the source.

@hpopp Both the Follow and the Placer layer are utilizing all the pixels of the 4K source.

That sounds perfect.
I will test it.
And thank you for bringing the preview for a video in the placer to mimolive. Haven‘t made the update cause of actual productions but I need this feature soon for the use of mimolive at our filmfestival.