Usage tracking

Hi. We are licensing our slideshow to executive coaches, teaching worldwide. We ask them to purchase their own license of FotoMagico and we send them a file or we send them a standalone file. The standalone file offers the option to set an expiration mechanism, which is great; it also allows the encryption of the media file. BUT WE WOULD LIKE TO HAVE THE OPTION TO TRACK THE USAGE OF THE SLIDESHOW - BECAUSE THE LICENSE TO USE THE METHODOLOGY PRESENTED IN THE SLIDESHOW IS VERY EXPENSIVE AND IT WOULD BE EXTREMELY VALUABLE TO HAVE DETAILED REPORTS OF USAGE. It would be ideal if our customers / FotoMagico users had to be connected when they use our slideshow (with potentially a back up solution involving a one-time mayday password in case they lost the connection at the start of a presentation). WE ARE SO INTERESTED IN SEEING THIS SOLUTION DEVELOPED THAT WE ARE OPEN TO ALL KINDS OF COLLABORATION WITH BOINX.

@Woodstock Thanks for your inquiry. In principle, we are open to customer specific modifications. I’m replying to your email.