Usable keyboard shortcuts for mimoLive

Is there any cheat sheet I can use for usable keyboard shortcuts for mimoLive which are not used by the Mac itself (like Command-Tab) or by mimoLive (like Command-Q). I need around 30 different keyboard shortcuts to create for layers, audio, sources, etc. and I don’t like to try every key-stroke combination and check if it’s used by the system or mimoLive. Any advice? Thanx, Daniel.

Hi Daniel, that is a great suggestion. So far, there is no such cheat sheet.

Have you looked at the Remote Control Surfaces? I think this is a much better option than 30 keyboard shortcuts that aren’t easy to remember.

Dear Oliver, I like to use it with some Elgato Stream Decks, so I need the keyboard shortcuts. By the way, last time I tried to create shortcuts my number pad was not supported in mimoLive, I could not create shortcuts by using any combination of number on the number pad of my Mac keyboard.

Ah, cool.

For some reason, the num pad on the keyboard is treated differently from the other keys by macOS. I think we looked into this a couple of years ago and did not find a way to make macOS use the num pad for the shortcuts. We will check again.