URGENT: Do not update to MacOS Sonoma if you're running an Intel Mac

We’ve recently become aware of an issue with MacOS Sonoma on Intel Macs that prevents Layers from working correctly.

If you’re running mimoLive on a Mac with Intel processor, DO NOT UPDATE TO MacOS Sonoma!

This affects all layers with any type of animation.

We’re very sorry about this and about the fact that we did not catch this earlier. We’re working on a solution and will keep you updated.

If you’ve already updated to MacOS Sonoma, currently the only way to restore functionality is to roll back to MacOS Ventura.

If you’re running a Mac with Apple Silicon, this doesn’t affect you and you should not have any problems with MacOS Sonoma.

Thanks for posting this. Unfortunately, I did update to MacOS Sonoma and I did spend a couple of frustrating attempts to create a slideshow for my photography group that meets on Friday, Oct 27. I am hoping that the fix will be soon. Does it also affect iPads running iPadOS 17.1?

I really enjoy Fotomagico so I am hoping the fix will be soon so I can create some Fall slideshows and a Holiday slideshow for my friends and family.

Hi @MEV This only concerns mimoLive users and only if you have an Intel Mac. We’re not aware of any issues with FotoMagico and MacOS Sonoma. Can you please let me know what the issues were you encountered?

Just as an FYI, I upgraded to Sonoma a couple of weeks ago on my Intel MBP and FotoMagico is working fine. Oliver’s post DOES mention specifically that this affects mimoLive users.