uploading fotomajico slideshow to mobile me

I have made a couple of fm slideshows that I have uploaded to my mobileme account. I am a little disappointed in the quality of the “movie” once I have uploaded it to mobileme. Given the constraints of my mobileme account (size of uploaded file), what is the best option for rendering a slideshow to upload to mobileme? I just made a slideshow that is 45min long. I want to share this with some of my friends online via mobileme, but because of the file size and constraints of mobileme I cannot do this and maintain any reasonable quality. Does anyone have any suggestions to publish a movie of this size? Are there any other options out there for uploading slideshows that are not for everybody to see, just the people I want? Thank you very much

45 minutes of video will be quite a large file if you want reasonable quality, no way around that. Free services I know of (like YouTube) limit both running time and file size to less than what you need here.

Do your friends all use Macs? If yes, the probably best option is to share your slideshow as Standalone Player and upload the resulting app as a zip archive to MobileMe or some other service.

Other than that you could export your slideshow to a movie with reasonable quality and upload the result to file hosting services like Dropbox and then share this file with your friends. Here’s a link to Dropbox, they host around 2GB for free, with reasonable pricing for more space: http://db.tt/aXdQTEU