Upload on YouTube takes too long

I am a passionated Photographer and have been using FotoMagico5 for my slideshows for years. My latestest experiences with the download to YouTube are that it takes too long (more than 20 hours) or the download brakes down (My slideshows are short, approx. 10 min).

I would be grateful for any ideas to solve this problem. Thanks in advance, Ulrike

I have not had this problem. However, I do not use the direct export to YouTube from within FotoMagico. I use the Custom create to make a 4k file and then upload it via my browser to my YouTube account. Have you tried that?

Thanks for this advise. I tried it several times but it doesn’t work either. The download is even longer than directly from FM5.

Have you run Speedtest to check your internet connection. My upload speed is usually between 30 and 40Mbps — not especially fast — but I reckon it doesn’t take more than an hour or two to upload a ten minute 4k slideshow.

Bingo, thats the point. My upload speed is poor, just 0,7 Mbps. Thank you so much for helping me shortly. I need to get in touch with my provider asap