Updates in the pipeline

Just wondering if there’s a schedule in place for production and beta releases of MimoLive. Been quite a while.


HI @lorcott That is a very good question!

mimoLive 6.0b6 came out yesterday. We found another crashing bug we’re fixing, then we’ll make a mimoLive 6 release. This is a major milestone with M1 support. We expect to have to tweak it a bit more for performance on M1 Max.

Since we are very responsive to user requirements, our road map is pretty blurry… :wink:

Anything specific you’re waiting on?

Buttons for video controls that can be triggered automation/remote.

My latest idea as mentioned yesterday - webhook! Being able to automatically refresh web browser when a layer variant goes live would be enough. Something more sophisticated that passed through data (eg layer name) would be even better!

Happy New Year!

Hi @Nick_Booker Happy new year to you, too! Thanks for the feature request.

It is possible to implement a “Webhook” using the Automation layer.

The video controls should be “play, pause, stop, skip back, skip forward, rewind”?

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Controls sound great!

Could you please share an example of how to include an webhook in an automation?

Hi @Nick_Booker Here is a quick recipe on how to do this:

  • Create an automation layer that triggers the layer variation you want to turn live.
  • Use the “httpRequest” command in the automation to call the webhook URL
  • Use a button on the Remote Control Surface to trigger the Automation layer.

Here is the documentation on the Automation layer:

If you book a one-to-one session, Achim will actually go to your Mac via TeamViewer and create this for you.

Thank you! This is great news.

How do I book a quick session with @Achim_Boinx ? An automation that sends the layer name would be ideal for my use case.

I checked the automation layer and see the httpRequest but wasn’t sure from the documentation how to use that to rigger my webhook.


You can get an One-on-One Coaching session here: https://mimolive.com/store/services/