Unlocked snippets cannot be deleted

Sorry, but I have to ask this question again about the same problem. Using several snippets, but it can be easily reproduced with “4x4 wipe” in FM 6.0b35:

If you insert pictures into the fields A to D, you can select these fields, but you can’t delete them together, even though they don’t have a lock symbol. Not even with right-click. In the meantime I have found out that each slide can be deleted with a right-click, but not all at the same time. A rather tedious procedure, so as a workaround I open the file with FM 5.x, where there are no problems with deleting.

This may not be what you want, but I dropped in a 4-image snippet of my own, and then was able to do a Command-click on each of the layers that I wanted to delete (1, 2, 3, or 4 and in any combination related to layering). Whichever ones became selected, a press of the Delete key and they were gone. That doesn’t seem like a tedious procedure (at least, not having to delete one layer at a time).

Replying to my own reply! I think I see what you’re talking about, although I didn’t find a “4x4 wipe” to play with. I downloaded the new Splitscreens Pack 1 and placed a “3 sliding right” split screen, then tried to delete the elements. I could delete one or two of the layers, but I couldn’t delete the last layer (at least not all the time). Hitting the Delete key or using the Cut command didn’t work.

Hello Stantastic,
In my original email I spoke of several snippets.The problem is that these may have different names in the localised German version. All in the screenshots attached cause problems when deleting them together

neither works the end title correctly , which does not scroll all the music tracks used, as in version 5.x.

Hi, willyman – I sent a Beta Feedback message to Peter regarding the issue. I’m guessing (hoping) that you did, also. Either way, he knows about it now.

I did’t send Beta Feedback messages directly to Peter except he asked for more information

Will be fixed in b36. I’m bringing back the alert, that asks whether all selected items should be deleted, or just the unlocked ones. Similar behavior as in FM5…