Undo move image

I am just starting to explore the V6 Beta. When looking at the Map slideshow I accidentally moved the end position of the map image.

Cmd + Z and Edit Undo did not do anything (edit Undo was Greyed out)

In response to this, I tried to duplicate the issue in a new slideshow. I used Map Assistant to create a slide, then added 2 more slides with just images. I dragged a layer to another location and Cmd-Z (Undo Drag Layer) DID NOT WORK.

Then I closed the app, re-opened it, dragged in about 10 slides, and moved a few slides – and Cmd-Z DID WORK! I then used Map Assistant to insert a slide between two existing slides, and tried moving it and then undoing the move, and again IT WORKED. I then grabbed a few slides and moved them around, and again the Undo command (now showing Undo Drag Slides) DID WORK.

So, what caused it not to work for speacock110 and myself the first time I ran the app this morning I don’t know. But then after trying it again it worked as expected. Bug? I don’t know?

Following on from stantasics comments i carried out a little investigation.

Add one image slide, enable animation, move image position of finish position, CMD Z does not work.
Save and re-open file, move image position CMD Z works, add second image and repeat CMD Z works.

Repeat test with new file, CMD Z does not work, save file but do not close or reopen and CMD Z does not work.
Conclusion CMD Z only works on Open existing Files Not on New files

So now I followed up on speakcock110’s new test – after repeated attempts, YES, it appears that when working on a NEW FILE that Cmd-Z does not work when re-arranging layers, but if a file is saved and then re-opened, it does work.

Reading my previous post, where I closed the app itself and then re-opened it and dragged in a few images into a new slideshow and moved them, I reported that Cmd-Z WAS working. But trying the exact same thing this morning it did not.