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Please let us know when fotomagico works without issues on El Capitan.

Don’t listen to this post FotoMagico is not ready for OS X El Capitan I just got off the phone and they said they have received numerous complaints about crashes. In my case every time I open certain files FotoMagico crashes

I agree. FotoMagico 4.6.3 isn’t ready for OSX 10.11 El Capitan.
But, FotoMagico 4.6.3 is just ready for OSX 10.8 Mountain Lion from June 2012!
Fantastic !!

Both FM 4.6.3 and FM 5.0b30 work in Yosemite, albeit 5.0b30 IS a beta version and there are issues. Personally, I can’t get either version to work in El Capitan without crashing for one reason or another. Boinx is claiming they work in the new OS, but it’s not happening for me on my MacBook Pro, plenty of memory, and El Capitan.

Is it possibile to know when BoinxTV 1.9.12 will be compatible with OS X El Capitan? Thanks!

On 26-Oct-2015 Boinx announced that BoinxTV 1.9.13, and the rest of their products including iStopMotion and FotoMagico are El Capitan compatible. Thanks! http://boinx.com/blog/post/applications-are-ready-for-os-x-el-capitan/